Mention the names of those who are in Board of Trust


School Management shall serve in an advisory capacity to the Principal and shall provide a forum for exchange of information among the administrative staff members. The Management shall represent the views of the administrative staff in the school’s decision-making process.


Name the following persons



Financial Administrator



St. Elizabeth Public School is run by St. Elizabeth and Assisi Educational and Charitable Trust. The Board of Trustees are honoured to serve as stewards of the School’s mission and vision. The Board has fiduciary responsibility for the governance of the school, strengthening resources to propel students achieving excellence beyond the classroom.


Administrative Council shall serve in an advisory capacity to the Principal and shall provide a forum for exchange of information among the administrative staff members. The Council shall represent the views of the administrative staff in the school’s decision-making process.




The Board acts as an advisory body to manager and principal on matters concerning the development of the school and the education and welfare of the students. The central purpose is the realization of the Vision of the School. The School Advisory Board has a key role in influencing the direction of the school by offering their experience and expertise to strengthen the decision-making process to support the strategic development of the school and ensure it is meeting the needs of the children.





St. Elizabeth public school considers the parents of the students as the extended family members. Hence, there will be regular St. Elizabeth Public School family gathering with principal as chairman, vice principal, bursar, members of the faculty, administrative assistants and parents of all the students enrolled as members. The meetings will be informed to parents and they shall participate in the same to know better about the academic status and character of the child. The wholesome participation of the parents in the smooth conduct of the school is very much encouraged. The Parents Council is a forum for parents to address their concerns and voice their suggestions in the overall development of the students. The Council actively engages with the faculty members and comes up with suggestions for improvement in all areas of the student’s life in school. This ensures that the academic component along with allied activities for the benefit of the students are always doubly reviewed first by the Institution and then by the parents. As stake-holders in the future of the students, the parents can actively reflect in improving educational services in the school.


As per the guidelines of CBSE and the Supreme Court an Anti-Sexual Harassment Committee has been established by the St. Elizabeth public School to provide a healthy atmosphere to the students of the St. Elizabeth public school. Anti-Sexual Harassment Committee deals with issues relating to sexual harassment in the school. The committee is formed to prevent sexual assault, rape and other related crimes on children. Goal of the sexual harassment cell is to prevention of sexual harassment to ensure safe environment for the students for the studies.


The safety committee, which is a group of administrators, teachers, and parents, was established to ensure that st. Elizabeth public school has an organized protocol to deal with any situation on campus. The safety and security of all students and staff at st. Elizabeth public school is one of our most important priorities. Families trust schools to keep children safe during each and every school day as well as during all school sponsored events. Safety committee ensures the safety of each member of st. Elizabeth public school in the campus.


At St. Elizabeth public School we provide the opportunity for and encourage all students to participate in sporting activities regardless of ability. We recognize the significance and importance of the Sport Policy and we intend to conduct and organize our sporting program in accordance with this policy. We will ensure that the students playing sport under the name of St. Elizabeth public School receive appropriate coaching, care and supervision. Sports committee study and analyze talents of each student and help them to grow higher.


Plan and arrange a varied program of inter-house games, activities and competitions throughout the year. The goal of the committee is to provide leadership and assistance in developing student programs for st. Elizabeth public school student Objectives of the committee include organizing and implementing student activities at the annual meeting, encouraging and guiding activities sponsored by other organizations, and developing new or improved student-related activities as necessary.


Online class evaluation committee periodically reviews and updates the online class system of St. Elizabeth public school, committee arrange various programme for teachers to improve their online classes. Committee accesses each class and notifies the area for improvement.


Discipline of the St. Elizabeth Public School is one of the yard stick to assess the school performance. Discipline helps in creating conducive learning atmosphere. As such, it is important to have proper and systematic discipline policy in the school. The policy is also designed to promote fairness in taking disciplinary action. Besides, the School Discipline Committee also ensures the safety and security of the students. It keeps a sharp vigil upon the safety & security of all the students in the St. Elizabeth Public School campus. The Committee also looks and arranges for all the possible measures for the safety & security of all the students. The members of the said Committee make the students feel comfortable with the vicinity and School campus. It tries its best to provide them homely atmosphere in the St. Elizabeth Public School campus.


St. Elizabeth Public School Sreekandapuram has a travel coordinator, who looks after the transportation arrangements of the students. The school has arranged conveyance in all directions and the students who want to make use of the bus will have to inform the travel coordinator at the time of admission.  Any grievance regarding the transportation facility of Little Flower School, students and guardians are free to contact our travel coordinator. Notice is to be given to travel coordinator before the discontinuance of the facility. Any change of boarding point should be made known to travel coordinator on time.


St. Elizabeth Public School is committed to provide the most joyful, creative, exploratory and vibrant school experience   and environment for its learners. So we do not assign any homework to the students up to class 2nd. From classes 3rd to 8th, homework is assigned for only two subjects per day alternatively.


St. Elizabeth Public School has put forwarded a holistic student support of health professionals who own technical and social skills to perform various academic activities. The St. Elizabeth Public School provides individualized counselling for personal, career and academic information, activities and instruction designed to acquaints students with career option; exposure to cultural events and academic programs; mentoring program. The Centre is committed to providing the Institute’s students, faculty and staff members with a space for self exploration and addressing of psychological concerns, leading to personal, social and professional growth. Our aim is to create a campus environment that celebrates happiness, wellbeing, and diversity.