Clubs and Houses are the best chances for the students to :

  • Make new friends
  • Students will meet people who have similar interests to yours.
  • They may also meet people from different backgrounds who they may not have the opportunity to interact with before.
  • Build respect and learn team work
  • By joining clubs or teams, students will learn to work together towards a common goal, learn respect for coaches, leaders, yourself, and one another.
  • Gain self-confidence
  • Team work help students gain self-esteem. By participating in a club students have the opportunity excel in something they enjoy and are good at.


Science involves a pursuit of knowledge causing general truths as the operations of fundamental laws. It aims to inculcate and improve scientific temper amongst our students, promote scientific thinking and new ideas and enhance scientific awareness.

  • To explore the physical realm of our environment through experiments and establish evidence.
  • To develop a scientific attitude and a rational outlook towards life.
  • The goal is to learn Science with fun. Children love Science that allows them to perform hands-on experiments.


Public speaking is an art every student must develop. Public speaking helps to develop confidence among students, and enables them to be better prepared to take on leadership positions in future life. To be confident leaders, efforts have to begin at primary level. Hesitation and failure to present thoughts clearly is a prominent feature in today’s child.


  • Extempore debates and declamation.
  • Reading news headlines.
  • Provide computer support for all school events.
  • Help make presentations for various school functions.
  • Increase awareness of computers amongst students.
  • Organize computer-based competitions.


  • Sensitizing our young students to environment related issues is the main purpose of the School’s Eco Club.
  • Tree plantation drives.
  • Organizing campaigns and rallies like ‘Say no to Poly Bags’, ‘Say no to crackers’, ‘Save Water’, ‘Save Energy’, and ‘Green and Clean City’.
  • Projects initiated and undertaken for eco friendly surroundings like Rain Water Harvesting. Project and regular maintenance of compost pits and green house in the school premises.


The Maths Club has been introduced with the aim of making Mathematics fun for students. It endeavours to help students grasp mathematical concepts better through activities like puzzles, shortcuts in calculations and games.

Club Activities:

  • Participation in Math related competitions.
  • Conduct Mathematics quiz.
  • Study of various math based puzzles, software and games.


The club nurtures a love for language, promotes literary interests& activities on campus and encourages students to analyze both reading and writing perspectives. Creative self-expression, articulation of ideas through word play and creative collaborations that hone students’ confidence makes the essence of the club. The Club is open to contemporary, classical and western performative modes and trains students to excel in the form of their choice.


St. Elizabeth School is a three storied building with about 20 finished class rooms. It has a library, science and Mathematics Labs, safe drinking water source, campus protected with a boundary walls.


  • The school hours are from 9.50am to 3.50pm from Monday to Friday. The students should reach the school at least 15 minutes prior to the commencement of the school time.
  • Students are not allowed to leave the school premises during the school hours without the Principal’s permission.
  • Pupil coming late in the school loses the benefit of the attendance for the day concerned. They will not be allowed to enter the class without the permission of the Principal. If late for more than 5 times as per due warning, parents will have to give explanation to the Principal.
  • The required percentage of attendance is a must for the pupil to appear for the Annual Examination.
  • It is the responsibility of parents to see that their children are not prone to leave taking. Leave will be granted only in exceptional cases and prior sanction must be obtained unless in an emergency or on medical grounds.
  • Application for leave for less than 2 days should be submitted to the respective class teachers, while that for a longer period should be addressed to the Principal. If a student is continuously absent for more than 5 days without authorization parents may come and meet the Principal in person.
  • Application for leave must be signed by parent/ guardian and must be sent in advance for sanction. Application on medical grounds should be countersigned by an appropriate medical authority.


  • Technology plays a major role in twenty-first century education. The School has a computer lab with 20 computers accessible to students. It has advanced infrastructure in terms of hardware and software which cater to the requirements of the students, teachers and the curriculum. Students do comprehensive research for their projects and presentations in the computer lab with the help of qualified committed teachers.